You'll feel safe with me as we honour your needs and learn to trust your instincts.  I'll approach our therapeutic relationship with compassion, and by incorporating Mindfulness, Parts, Shadow, and Inner Child work I'll guide you through this sacred process of exploration.  Our sessions will help you feel empowered, yet relaxed.

I will:

  • Meet you where you 'are', not where I think you should be

  • Bring compassion into our work together

  • Practice non-judgement; I will not try to view your situation as positive or negative, but rather look at what it has to teach you

  • Communicate my trust in the wisdom of you


I have been practicing Vipassana meditation, an insight-based meditation technique, for over 18 years.  Benefits of Vipassana include living a more peaceful life, experiencing a deeper sense of calm, and feeling increased compassion, for yourself and others. 

In practicing Vipassana you learn to observe things 'as they are, and not as you would like them to be'.  This key tenet in mindfulness-based meditation, the ability to be present in the moment, is something I have experience with and will bring to our work together.